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READY TV-programs

TV-project "Divaki"


If you are looking for the authors and producers of the program "Divaki" – you’ve being entered to the right place! The team Divaki production have being decided to tell about Ukrainian strange fellows in the TV format for the first time in 2004. Our TV-program were broadcasted on TV channel "Tonis" for three years (2005-2008 y.y.),


     Timing: 25 min.
     Format: information and entertainment

«Divaki» this is the informational and entertainment program about none ordinary people and their weird hobbies. The heroes of the program – are the Ukrainians, who are able to surprise the world. The crocodiles and snakes instead of pets, communicating with aliens, trip in the bathtub on wheels, the 5 meters diameter cap, a man who has overcome the force of gravity, and other oddities.

TV Digest "Crank Country" (Divaki Country)

Країна диваків

TV Digest "Crank Country" – the video compilation of stories about interesting and extraordinary ukrainians.


     Timing: 15-20 min.
     Format: information and entertainment

Every program consists of 3-4 stories that resonate with one another by the subject. Animal Lovers, extreme, skilled craftsmen, hairdressing eccentric inventors, funny games, collectors, strange dances, architecture, language oddities, eccentrics, musicians, records, etc.

TV program "Dr. House"

Лікар дому

TV program "Dr. House"(Dr. at home). The information and entertainment program. Encyclopedia of useful tips, a few tricks and useful inventions, which are needed in each sector of your house. 


     Timing: 10 min.
     Format: information and entertainment

The advices are so simple in performance that many of them can be realized in a minute. The audience will also learn a lot about the history of domestic things, people and inventions we use every day. 2008

TV project "Cultural Shock with Christine Katrakis"

Культурний шок з Христиною Катракіс

This is the first cultural and touristic program that will show you the famous cities in the world by the extraordinary eyes of the iconic persons. For example: designer Galliano or Hollywood director Mary Lambert, Chanel niece, Hitler's nephew or even private lawyer of Vatican Gheorghiu-Beni and many other friends of Christina.


     Timing: 25 min.
     Format: cultural and touristic program

According to the plan of the project, Kristina will organize the personal exhibitions in cities around the world for best and the most perspective artists from Ukraine. They will visit the famous international personalities. Producers of that project are preparing to break the informational space and create a cheeky- shocking show by the level of the most popular global TV-projects.


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