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TV commercial


“Divaki production” is making full spectrum of jobs of TV commercial production: from idea and script to ready TV commercial project.

Also we make an international TV commercial adaptation.


TV-commercials Separation:


According to task Commercial rolls Created to increase the sale with the help of advertising. Particular product’s promotion on the market, promotional videos.
Brand rolls The purpose is to raise the recognizability of the producer, to form a certain image brand in the the consumer’s mind. 


According to producing  

simple Clips without actors and without complex tricky computer graphics.

(feature films)

With the participation of actors. Involves a large crew, additional film equipment, locations.
3D animation Clips with complicated 3d animation. They are difficult in manufacturing and expensive.
Animated Clips created on the animation basis.       
Combined A combination of feature shooting with the cartoon or 3D animation. 


By timeline 30 sec. Standart
over 35 sec.  
Less 30 sec.
(15, 10, 5)

Glossary of Terms:

Location – place for filming (street, highway points of sale, cinemas and other public places).

Casting – casting for commercials.

Pack-shot – frame, with the commercials end. As usually this is advertised product or slogan.

Aftershot – short part of a roller that follows after the Pack –shot. Usually this is a demonstration the movie heroes of the advertised product.

Storyboard – the spots drawn frame by frame.

Timeline – the length of the roller.

Hromakey – a bright blue or green background, which filmed an actor or an action. Later such video processed by by special programs in which blue or green background is replaced by the desired plot.

PRICE of commercials


Type of service Unit of measurement Type of serviceprice per unit.
Simple commercials 30 sec from $500
Staged commercials 30 sec from $3 000
Commercials with 3D animation  30 sec from $1 500
Cartoon commercials  30 sec from $2 000
Combined commercials 30 sec by agreement
Adaptation of commercials 30 sec from $100
Advertising station break 5 sec from $100



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