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The film was shot at the initiative of "Do not be indifferent!" (Ukrainian public organization), "Divaki production" studio and Historical Club "Insurgent".


Unfortunately not so much people know that there was a kind of "republic" on the Dnieper river. It was the times when the Moscow red horde have being invaded Ukraine. The "republic" hauled bitter the armed struggle under the Ukrainian national flag up to the 1922 year. The places where it was going on were the villages around the Cold Ravine in the Chyhyryn region.


This film is about the liberation struggle of Kholodny Yar rebels against the Russian invaders. It filmed on a novel by eyewitness of the events Yuri Horlis-Gorsky.

Activists of "Do not be indifferent!" will distribute the film in schools and universities. Especially there almost nothing is known about Kholodny Yar events. People are waiting for our documentary in Crimea, Donbas, Lviv, Cherkasy, Vinnitsa and Odessa. They are ATO soldiers, youth and intellectuals.


"Kholodny Yar is a movie which starts you to realize that nothing has changed for the centuries. The heroes are born when the authorities is weak. The occupiers as they were in those times and today are Russians. The responsibility for everything is exclusively in the hands of a small Ukrainian. If we do not educate young people with such films today then we will have the Donbass conflict once again tomorrow. And believe me not only in the Donbas ..." - Oksana Levkova, executive director of "Do not be indifferent!".

A lot of real volunteers have been joined to create this film: activists of the "NBB!", "Divaki production" studio, historians and descendants of the witnesses, the Military Historical Club "Rebel" and many real patriots of Ukraine whom we will certainly remember in the final titres to the film.


Director: Galina Khimich

Producer - Oksana Levkova

Director of photography - Sergiy Murin

Composer - Boris Sevastyanov.


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