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We create video content of various genres and different levels of complexity. Our services include full post-production, voice over, editing, color correction, visual effects, graphics and animation.

Each project is a new story in which we passionately dive into and get through it together with the characters. These are new people, new achievements, conclusions. Each project is unique and has no analogues …

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... We are pleased with the film that we received and the working process. Divaki is a team that always show allegiance to the customer, as well as deliver quality! We will cooperate further ...
SLASH Communications / Oksana Ovsyannikova, PR Manager
... The film turned out to be extremely insightful. I want to watch it again and again, because it is perceived not as a compliation of mini-interviews or video chronicle of creating pictures, but as a holistic story ...
GO “Zdorove Lyudstvo” / Katerina Fedoriy, coordinator of social projects
... We are very pleased with their work, because it was carried out efficiently and quickly. And it was despite the complexity of medical topics in general, and treatment methods in particular ...
Webspital / Pavel Borisov, project coordinator
... We are always confident in the quality of the final product and the responsible attitude of the team to their work, while ordering services from Divaki. The approach to pricing is also joyable ...
NICE Interactive / Ruslan Borodin, Director
... Divaki are the professionals. They take into account all our wishes, and do not incline to their point of view, they always give advise how to do it correctly and efficiently ...
KEMP “SVARKA” / Oleg Pugach, PR-manager

Why choose us?

We adore our work
Divaki is a very active team that lives for creativity.
Video production of full cycle
It is already included in the price of services, so you get a full package of services
High quality
You get high-quality video, shoot by professional equipment and made by professional video designers at powerful editing stations.
Unique Content Only
Each project we are working on is a unique story, that has no analogues.
Individual approach
Each customer is special for us. Most of them become regular customers and recommend us to their partners.
We give emotions
Divaki will realize your project passionately, with a large portion of inspiration and perfect result!

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