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Холодний Яр

Oksana Levkova, executive director of "NBB":

In honor of Independence Day I finally browse the movie "Kholodnyi Yar" which is the exclusively product of volunteering. When we started to do it, I thought that movie on sheer enthusiasm - something unreal. In the history of cinema there was no case when movie appears almost out of nowhere when there is in the hands of the project's organizers only a wild desire to show white historical patch to millions of Ukrainian and nothing more. But the rule "Be realistic: demand the impossible!" never betrayed the activists of "Do not be indifferent." At present we have a guard of real Ukrainians who have donated money, time, knowledge, and professionalism in the name of perpetuation of the memory of Heroes. Congratulations to you, friends! Sincerely thank! Glory to Ukraine!


+38(044) 592 88 01

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+38(066) 146 76 01



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