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Christina Katrakis and Divaki production’s documentary film the "UltraViolet Light" was the last confession memoirs of the famous artist Ultra Violet. She was the muse, lover and colleague of such geniuses as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Andy Warhol. Her friendship with the artists Andy and Christina Katrakis has been brought her closer to our country. The latest project which she has planned to realize actually has been linked with Ukraine.

Ультра Віолет

This amazing woman died a few months ago. "Ultraviolet Light" is the last film about the artist. Ukrainian film crew: Christina Katrakis (director), Roman Kudlay (director of photography), Tatiana Skalska (executive producer) and "Divaki production" studio.

Art Week Berlin

The film has been presented 5-th of September in The RAR Gallery in Berlin (as part of Art Week Berlin).

In the near future it will be broadcasted on German TV channels.

The film's director Christina Katrakis has devoted this project to amazing woman, person and artist - Ultra Violet - in her immortal memory.


+38(044) 592 88 01

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+38(066) 146 76 01



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